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Why we exist

Put simply, to create a future we desire using biology as a tool.

Buboo is a synthetic and molecular biology technology company founded in 2016 with the aim of creating solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in Africa, associated with disease, food and water security, and green energy. Biological coding is the hallmark of computational and synthetic biology. Big data in the form of whole-genome sequences has given as an insight into the biological software of life and the challenge is to now deliberately reprogram this software into synthetic life forms, allowing us to harness nature's power in solving societal challenges. This nature-driven (rather than nature-inspired) approach is what drives Buboo. Through evolution, nature has nearly perfected its efficiency and the next phase is to harness this efficiency of biological systems in synthetic and computational biology. We are driven to achieve this. 

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Image by Markus Spiske


Information to be shared in due course.

Image by National Cancer Institute


Buboo completes the construction of its synthetic biology lab

We aim to be a continental leader in the creation of intellectual property in synthetic and molecular biology. The completion of this lab will provide a valuable resource to this end. It will be used for the prototyping of various genetic circuits and molecular biology tools. We are excited about the future.

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The Innovation Hub, BioPark Building, Mark Shuttleworth road, Pretoria, 0020

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